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The possibility of a rotation in full 360° for width, 180° for height and for random zoom is obviousness. The viewer can go through the area completely naturally – as well he goes through a new place, which he visits personally. Due to an excellent quality of photographs we offer, it is possible to use a full screen mode – this is the way how the viewer does not miss any detail. Thanks to the possibility of taking panoramic shots from the air we also offer an absolutely unique opportunity to exceed borders set by usual tours. The viewer gets perfect ideas about an interior and about surroundings.

Aerial panorama      

Our high resolution aerial panoramas are shot with professional
remote control drone carying highend DSLR camera.

This combination provides crisp shard pictures even from high distance above ground.

  letecké panorama  

Ground panorama      

Every ground spherical panorama covers total field of view, i.e. 360° horizontaly, 180° verticaly and allows you to rotare and zoom freely without loss of quality.

Ground panorama can be taken outdoors as well in interiors.


HDR panorama      
Special technology based on multiple exposure for each panorama to ensure high dynamic range output. Helps to maintain same picture quality even in very dark or very bright parts of panorama (e.g. windows or sky).   hdr-panorama